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Our early season pool is open from 17 - 21 July, 2017.

Be in the market throughout the season with Season Starter, AWB’s early season pool.

Season Starter lets growers access wheat pricing opportunities throughout the season. It’s an actively managed program that combines guaranteed minimum returns, flexible finance and payment options, and capped costs.

Put simply, we'll help take care of the marketing, so you can take care of your wheat.

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The weather doesn't care, but we do. In response to customer feedback regarding the current crop conditions caused by the unseasonal weather in many areas, AWB is moving our contracting period. It will now run from 17 – 21 July, 2017 and not 26 - 30 June as published previously. We are optimistic that this delayed timing will give you further clarity on crop production and marketing decisions for this season.

Proven performance
Participation in local and global market opportunities until June 2018
A guaranteed minimum return set at 85% of the contracting EPR*
Transparent pricing mandate, click here
Choose from four different cash-flow and payment options
Capped site to port costs, click here
Guaranteed payment dates
Published port-zone returns to reflect your local price
Access to the Production Advance Program, click here
Over 150 years of experience in servicing growers

Terms and Conditions, Fees and Charges, Acceptable wheat grades and locations apply. Click here for information on fees and charges

* You may opt out of the guaranteed minimum return and capped cost features.

The AWB Season Starter performance objective is to outperform the average of the best cash bid for the marketing window.

This chart illustrates per port zone, the average performance over three years of the AWB Season Starter compared to the average cash bid (provided by Profarmer) for a comparable timeframe and highlights the average outperformance for APW1 per port zone.

2015/16 AWB Harvest Pool Hedging Mandate

*Three Year Average APW1 Best Bid Cash Price (port track) and Three Year Average APW1 Season Starter Returns (port zone) are quoted on a port equivalent basis. Average APW1 Season Starter Returns (port zone) are net of management fees, hedging results, operating and administration costs as applicable in each year. 2016/17 APW1 Season Starter Returns (port zone) are current as at 30 May 2017 and remain an estimate as this program is not finalised. The 3 Year Average Season Starter Return (port zone) represents the 14/15 AWB Season Starter APW1 finalised return, the 15/16 AWB Season Starter APW1 finalised return and the 16/17 AWB Season Starter APW1 estimated return, expressed as an average of these returns. An individual grower’s returns would be different from the final Average APW1 Season Starter Return (port zone) dependent on location, grade and finance option. The 3 Year Average Best Bid Cash Price (port track) represents the average multigrade best bid prices (from AWB Season Starter Contracting to 31 December) and APW1 fixed grade best bid prices (January to May) expressed as an average of the 14/15, 15/16 and 16/17 periods. For Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australian port zones the Average APW1 Best Bid Cash Price includes a storage cost adjustment based on the major Bulk Handling Companies (GrainCorp, Viterra) scheduled monthly storage cost. The storage cost adjustment represents charges that would ordinarily be incurred in holding grain during the period 31 December to 30 June. For Western Australian port zones the Average APW1 Best Bid Cash Price (port track) and APW1 Season Starter return (port zone) represents APW2 for 2014/15 season and APW1 for 2015/16 and 2016/17 season. Western Australian Average APW1 Best Bid Cash Price are quoted Free in Store (FIS). The Average APW1 Best Bid Cash Price data has been sourced from Profarmer and was compiled on 30 May 2017. The APW1 pool return in an individual year may be higher or lower than the average.

The flexibility of choosing your own payment option

AWB gives you the flexibility of choosing the best combination of cash-flow and proceeds to meet your needs.

Jun 17 Jul 17 Aug 17 Sep 17 Harvest 17 Jan 18 Feb 18 Mar 18 Apr 18 May 18 Jun 18 Jul 18
Scheduled Payment Cumulative % Harvest Payment 1st Dist. Final Dist. Final Dist.
Distribution Cash Flow 40 - 50% 100%
Proceeds 100%
Deferred Distribution Cash Flow 100%
Proceeds 0% 100%
Harvest Loan Cash Flow 85%* 100%
Proceeds 100%
Repayment 40% - 50% 100%
Flexi Loan Cash Flow 85%* credit limit available 100%
Proceeds 0% 100%
Repayment 0% 100%
Production Advance** Cash Flow $100 / Tonne
Proceeds $100 / Tonne
Repayment $100 / Tonne

*85% of EPR published at contracting.

** Access to the Production Advance program of up to $100 per tonne, subject to approval, terms and conditions, eligibility criteria and available until 30 November 2017.
Note: Unless otherwise indicated, cash flow percentages reflect cumulative percentage of EPR. Costs are deducted from payments, however timing and percentage deducted per payment is dependent on payment choice. Please use ‘Pool Returns Calculator’ for further detail. Harvest payments and credit limits are available seven business days from delivery.

Security of known payment dates

A choice of payment options with guaranteed payment dates to make it easier to manage cash flow.

Month Distribution Deferred Distribution
February Wednesday 28 February 2018
June Friday 29 June 2018
July Friday 13 July 2018

Our guarantee is for the date of the payment only. To the extent that a payment is not made by the guaranteed time, AWB offers to pay farmers interest at the rate of 18% per annum for each day that the payment is delayed. Payment amounts are estimates only and not guaranteed as we do not want to limit pricing opportunities.

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